We love dogs & cats.

We wouldn’t have gone into the pet products business if we didn’t. And because we love dogs & cats, we put a lot of care, time and effort into making the best premium pet products for our furry little friends.

Along the way of caring for our animals, we noticed a big gap in the market for quality goods. We felt that there needed to be options for higher-end products that would end up providing more value than cheaper alternatives -  by lasting longer and looking better in your home. There’s no worse feeling than purchasing a product that looked a lot better online, ended up breaking within weeks or months, or worst of all, somehow harmed your pet.

More importantly, we want to make a dent in the world by being able to help animals in need. There are “1.5 million animals that are euthanized every year,” and that's something we do not tolerate. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the Smush Foundation (click HERE for more info) -  we donate 5% of all proceeds to this incredible organization!


Mission statement:

At MAU, we are committed to creating products with the best design for humans and best functionality for our furry little friends - all while giving back to the community!

Cats and dogs are not just animals—they’re family members—and that’s why we ensure all of our products are human-grade and beyond comfortable.


Charity and sustainability are also important to us.

Dogs, cats, humans,... We're all in this together and we all need to help each other out! We believe in giving back and helping the planet and its inhabitants, and here are just a couple of ways we are committed to social good:

• In exchange for every each cat tree bought, we plant a tree on your behalf

• We only use real tree branches from trees that no longer bear fruit (and then plant a new one!)

• 5% of all proceeds are donated to The Smush Foundation

• We make products that are suitable for pets of all ages and abilities



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