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Modern Cat Furniture For Beautiful Homes

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Irresistible Comfort

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For Lovers of Cats & Decor

We’re cat lovers, just like you. We know how it feels to purchase hideous products that you or your furriend don't end up liking... it happens way too often. That’s why our modern cat furniture is made of the highest quality materials and professionally designed to satisfy your kitty and look like art in your home.

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Our Most Recent Reviews

  • 16th Jan. 2022

    Easy to assemble. Love the minimal look. Perfect for my 15 year old daughter’s room.

  • 16th Jan. 2022

    Tree arrived in just a couple days and was a huge hit right away. Thank you, it’s beautiful!

  • 15th Jan. 2022

    Our little kittens love their new cat tree! Purrfect for viewing the world from up high and much prettier than the carpet cat trees!

  • 14th Jan. 2022

    I love it! It’s such an attractive looking cat tower, looks more like a rustic art sculpture than a cat tree.

  • 12th Jan. 2022

    Great quality, nicely packaged and presented. Much more appealing than a traditional style cat tree and our cats absolutely love it. Shipping was same day and I was provided with tracking.

  • 11th Jan. 2022

    The cat tree is beautiful and well made! We have two cats and it’s taken about a week for one of them to lay in the cave at the bottom. Hopefully, both cats will soon enjoy the tree and use it regularly!!

  • 5th Jan. 2022

    This cat tree is the most beautiful cat tree I've ever seen. My 5-year-old cat loves it and we love that it's not an eye sore. The materials used are high quality and it's very sturdy. Highly recommend if you don't want the traditional, carpeted cat tree.

  • 5th Jan. 2022

    This is the nicest quality cat tree I've owned and I love the look as well. The cats seem to like it so far too and took a liking to it quickly. Definitely would buy another one in the future for other rooms/areas

  • 1st Jan. 2022

    Bought this tree in addition to an older tree our kitty has. She is obsessed with this tree. The quality is superb

  • 30th Dec. 2021

    My cats LOVE their new tree and bed. They take turns over who gets to lay in it all day. I think they love how high it is.

  • 28th Dec. 2021

    As soon as we put the tree together Lilly was very interested in it! And then she spent the next 5 hours sleeping in it! I’d say it’s a hit!

  • 26th Dec. 2021

    Very sturdy and easy to put together. Exceeds expectations! Plus, it is very stylish.

  • 23rd Dec. 2021

    I’m usually not a “cat tree” person because most of them are unattractive and clunky. But my 4-month-old Bengal loves to climb, so when I found the Mau cat tree I was happy that there is an option that looks beautiful! My kitten started using it on the second day. It’s solid, beautifully made, and fits with my decor. Definitely recommended!

  • 23rd Dec. 2021

    Absolutely love it! love the color gray too! beautiful cat tree! thanks!

  • 22nd Dec. 2021

    Such a great cat tree! It's so classy looking we put it in our main living area and it looks so nice! Our kitties love it and spend hours a day in it! Highly recommend this cat tree!

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  • Cat Trees

    Cat Trees

    Our modern cat trees are beautifully designed to look like art in your home and provide your cat(s) with napping, playing, and scratching spots

  • Caves & Beds

    Caves & Beds

    Home decor pieces that provide stress-free escapes for kitties to snuggle up in

  • Scratching Posts

    Scratching Posts

    Make sure to keep your cat's nails (not) sharp and save your precious furniture from their unforgiving claws

  • Wall Furniture

    Wall Furniture

    Get your kitties up high while saving space below

  • Our Mission

  • Sustainability

  • Our Products

  • Providing top quality products that are professionally designed to look incredible in your home and make your cat(s) happy.

    Our pets aren't just animals—they’re family members—and that’s why we ensure all of our products are human-grade and beyond comfortable.

  • • 5% of all proceeds go toward supporting animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations.

    • A tree is planted in exchange for any purchase that involves wood.

    • We cover 50% of the cost for product donations made to shelters.

    • The wood for our naturally shaped cat trees are sustainably sourced from trees that no longer bear fruit.

  • Luxury Cat Beds, Luxury Cat Trees & More

    Our variety of luxury cat trees, scratching postsbeds, and caves provide more than just great looks. Made with materials that are guaranteed to last a long time and provide ultimate comfort, our designer cat furniture is extremely easy to wash and maintain. With our 100%, catisfaction guarantee, we ensure you & your kitty will be delighted!

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