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Our Mission

To provide sustainable, high-quality cat furniture designed to look incredible in your home and make you and your cat(s) happy.

Our Story

Our Story

We’re animal lovers

And because we love animals, we put a lot of time, effort, and care into making the best premium cat furniture for our furry companions and their humans to enjoy. While caring for our own pets, we noticed a serious gap in the industry for cat furniture that looked incredible in our home and were made to last. No one seemed to understand that cat furniture, like human furniture, should be part of a room’s design - not a throwaway piece to hide in a closet when company came over. Like us, we know other animal lovers hate wasting money on products that are unpleasant to look at, embarrassing to display, or break within weeks, or months. That’s why Mau was born. We offer contemporary cat furniture that guarantees you never experience those disappointments again.

What We Are

What We Are

High End Modern Cat Furniture

Cats are not just pets - they’re family members. That’s why we ensure all of our high-end cat trees, caves and beds are human-grade and beyond comfortable. Trust us, you’re going to be jealous of your cat’s new life with Mau. We source the highest quality luxury materials to guarantee every piece of our cat furniture is made to the highest possible standard. The only complaint we get is that our premium products aren’t available in human-size (but hey, if you want to use some of our cushions or beds as pillows now and then, we won’t tell anyone).

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We're committed to social good

• 5% of all proceeds go toward supporting animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations.

• A tree is planted in exchange for EVERY purchase.

• We cover 50% of the cost for product donations made to shelters.

• The wood for our naturally shaped cat trees are sustainably sourced from trees that no longer bear fruit.



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Goal for trees planted in 2022