To My Cat

Dearest Cat,

No, not "my" dearest cat, because I'm well aware that you own me, and not the other way around. Thank you for allowing me to continue feeding you, grooming you, and living in your charming home, which I also pay for. It's truly an honor.

I so appreciate that you've cultivated this perfect home for us, even though your esteemed lineage traces far back to Ancient Egyptian royalty when your ancestors roamed the wild world with fierce dignity. It's so generous of you to spend so much time indoors now, caring for me and nurturing me, and even providing me with mental and physical stimulation through games like Give the Cat a Treat, Wave the Feathery Wand, and my personal favorite, the sandbox treasure hunt we call Scoop the Poop. I especially appreciate the way you watch over me when I play that last one, with a proud look on your face each time I succeed. Your encouragement gives me all the self-worth I need.

Thank you for never letting me oversleep; instead, you wake me early each morning with your soothing sounds, light taps, and even perching upon my head when I can't seem to rouse myself from the bed as the sun rises. Your steadfast escort to the kitchen each day is invaluable—I'd never find the way if left to my pitiful memory. You are truly selfless.

Thank you for faithfully alerting me when it's time to redecorate with new furniture, linens, and rugs by pointing out passé pieces with a clearly marked scratch. Or twenty. I always seem to forget just how frequently my questionable choices should be replaced until you remind me with an effortless swipe of your powerful little paw. You are so wise.  

Thank you for judging all of my friends and family each time they come to my your home. Your profound assessment of their personalities and psychological shortcomings is a gift we all treasure. And to think . . . you do it for free, when others would charge us hundreds to be told how inadequate we are. Your benevolence astounds.

So independent and yet so demanding of time and attention. So self-sufficient and yet so needy. Such a powerful little machine of a warrior yet too delicate to open a can yourself. From the softest coat to the sharpest nails, from the quietest purrs to the loudest meows, and from endless afternoon naps to formidable midnight zoomies, you are a powerhouse of contradictions, and I love you for all of them. Thank you for never boring me with predictability. How happy it makes me when you even wink in my direction, let alone cuddle on the sofa or share my pillow in bed. Thank you for everything you do for me every single day, right down to each little hair you leave on all of my clothes so I'll never get cold in great outdoors, even in the dog long days of summer. As self-aware and unendingly knowledgeable as you truly are, you'll never know how much I need you.


Your human


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