What Cat Breed Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

12) Aries: Egyptian Mau


You’re a bold leader who loves diving into new discoveries with enthusiasm, always ready for the next adventure and rarely stopping to consider implications before barreling along. Even though you’re a force to be reckoned with when angered, you’re usually a cheerful friend who loves socializing and building a loyal community. You’re an Egyptian Mau.

These go-getters are fearless mischief makers who delight in climbing to new heights, chasing new toys, and, unfortunately, finding new things to scratch. The key word with Egyptian Mau, like any good Aries, is “new,” with novelty topping the list of things they love. The Egyptian Mau thrives in homes equipped with a large cat tree along with plenty of unique cat furniture and toys to draw some attention away from human belongings that could otherwise become targets for play. They’re also the fastest housecat, perfect for charging ahead as Aries is known to do, and adored by the families they live to impress.


11) Taurus: Bengal

You may be represented by a bull—not the daintiest of creatures—but you’re infatuated with the finer things, aiming for a life of luxury and indulgence in sumptuous surroundings. You crave regular physical affection and are always fiercely devoted to the task at hand, however ill-conceived what that goal may be (this is why people perceive you as stubborn). You’re a Bengal.

Like the bull, Bengals should keep clear of the china shop. They’re generally large, their determination is unrivaled, and delicate environments packed more with fragile collectibles than kitty puzzles and cat towers are no match for the curiosity-fueled calamity they can bring. Strong and capable, bored Bengals will quickly figure out how to turn on water faucets (and splash about), activate electronics, and access anything that needs to be pushed off a shelf, no matter how high. Still, they’re regarded as one of the most elegant breeds and no one looks better lounging in a luxury cat bed or sprawling on a fur throw than the Bengal.


10) Gemini: Siamese

You’re a social butterfly with so many interests that you often find yourself pulled in two directions at once (though you’re the one doing the pulling) and you have a hard time keeping your mouth shut. Fortunately, people enjoy your amusing commentary, however endless it may be. You’re constantly looking for novel stimulation from new hobbies and can’t wait to tell your friends about them before moving on to the next. You’re a Siamese.

No cat talks as much as the Siamese, who has something to say about everything and will spend much of the day relaying this vital information to anyone who will listen. While pop culture has portrayed them as snobs (thanks, Lady and the Tramp), they’re actually extremely engaged with the people and cats who share their homes. They do tend to hop from one activity (or person) to the next without warning, but this is more a product of intellectual curiosity than snobbery. They simply have much to discover, even more to report back, and need the freedom to move on to the next new thing at will. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon.


9) Cancer: Persian

Image by <a href="https://pixabay.com/users/lindarczyk-7125566/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=4146814">lindarczyk</a> from <a href="https://pixabay.com/?utm_source=link-attribution&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=4146814">Pixabay</a>

You’re a quieter sort who prefers a cozy evening at home over a crazy night on the town and some may find it difficult to access the real you underneath your protective shell, but those who crack it will find you to be reassuring and loyal. You don’t require much to be content, as long as your personal space is properly outfitted with the things you love. You’re a Persian.

Persians emanate an air of royalty, flaunting their dignity and grace wherever they toddle, but they don’t actually consider humans to be their lowly serfs. They do prefer a life of serenity, and that’s most often found in calm environments away from strangers, leading many to label them aloof. Persians don’t require much stimulation and are truly happy lounging about on their favorite chair or snuggling in a beloved cat cave bed. Those who are welcomed into the Persian’s private kingdom and allowed to snuggle this kitty hiding beneath a tremendous armor of fluff will find a lifelong friend and cuddle buddy grateful for your companionship.


8) Leo: Maine Coon

You have a commanding presence and outsize personality that attract others to your orbit, and you relish the attention as any king or queen of the jungle would. Though jealousy could become your downfall, you’re usually focused on building relationships rather than destroying them and are a staunch defender of your friends and family. Strong and brave, no one doubts your hunting prowess. You’re a Maine Coon.

Maine Coons were bred for mousing and will keep any territory free from intrusion with superior hunting skills honed over generations, but the first thing you’ll notice about these domestic beasts is their sheer size, followed quickly by their majestic manes. The largest house cat on record was a Maine Coon, and underneath an impressive coat is typically a muscular body ready to defend the home. But these are by no means unfriendly cats (unless you’re a mouse): Maine Coons are beloved for their laid back, friendly attitudes toward humans and other pets, and enjoy playing games and checking out new toys. Everyone is drawn to the Maine Coon, and that suits them fine.


7) Virgo: Burmese


You know everything about your immediate surroundings because your attention to detail is incredible, which also makes you a great problem solver and a reliable rock for many of your friends. Despite your determined and data-focused approach to tackling most situations, you’re compassionate and gentle with your delivery and you need steady interaction with others to thrive. You’re a Burmese.

The Burmese knows the best way to run the household (because he’s explored every inch and studied every nuance) and will insist on cooperation, but with a charm and delicacy that don’t exactly intimidate. With a solid core cloaked in silky smooth fur, the Burmese build is a perfect representation of its personality: stability and security presented in soft kitty cuteness. Because it’s important to stay on top of every detail, the Burmese will closely supervise all that you do, but it’s purely in the name of love. The Burmese is here to assist, and you can’t help but appreciate it.


6) Libra: Ragdoll


It’s all about balance with you. Harmony and equilibrium are the hallmarks of your lifestyle, and that extends to a strong devotion to your own other half as you admirably cultivate that relationship. You’re similarly friendly and fair toward just about anyone else who wants be friends, too, and the ambiance of calm surrounding you makes everyone feel comfortable in your presence. You’re a Ragdoll.

Like any good Libra, Ragdolls are ideal housemates. They’re low-maintenance companions who are secure when left alone but are always happy to see you when you return, ready to greet you with open paws and a cuddle. They’re as fair as cats can be, willing to learn your rules and abide by them for a harmonious home life together and, because balance is key, they prefer to sit at the same level as their humans, so they’re happiest on a small cat tree rather than a sky-high tower.


5) Scorpio: Cornish Rex


You’ll only be satisfied with a big, bold life and you’ll commit to any path to get it, even if others perceive your plans as plotting and your strategies as scheming. For this reason, people unfairly focus on the venomous sting they’ll suffer for thwarting your mission, but you’re not a predator; it’s just defense. In reality, you’re an ambitious lover of life who wants to attain the best the world has to offer, and that includes the strongest relationships. You’re happy to perform for attention to attract potential partners, and many find your antics irresistible. You’re a Cornish Rex.

The Cornish Rex can play a range of roles from apathetic stoic to giddy goofball and applies them deftly to suit the moment (i.e., manipulate humans). Confident and wily, this cat has an undeniable magnetism that attracts people eager to see which antics are coming next, and isn’t one to just sit pretty when there are mountains to climb and trophies to claim. The Cornish Rex loves to beguile with big tricks, like scaling the most impressive cat tree furniture or gripping objects with unusually agile toes, but it’s all an innocent game of winning hearts . . . on the way to world domination.


4) Sagittarius: Abyssinian


You have the travel bug, and you probably always have. You’re anxious to go everywhere, see everything, and return to regale the crowds with all the wisdom you’ve picked up along the way. You’re full of experience and you love to come home to share it, but it’s never long before you’re ready to roll again, and you don’t do well when limited by others (or life). Despite your wanderlust, you need a partner in life’s adventures to truly feel complete. You’re an Abyssinian.

The Abysinnian will not let life pass by. Perhaps the most adventurous breed of domestic cat, the Aby is far too curious to leave any stone unturned and is clever enough to manifest any mission that can be dreamed up. A restless leaper and climber who needs every vantage point to survey the domain, an Abysinnian will truly appreciate innovative designer cat trees that provide serious height and plenty of choice for perching. True to Sagittarius form, the affectionate Aby must have a loving family to return to after each adventure—even better if there’s another curious companion kitty to join in the fun.


3) Capricorn: Devon Rex


You’re a task master who will follow any plan through to fruition and cannot be distracted, even when it’s for your own good. Because of your unwavering commitment to reaching the top of every ladder, some find you cold and emotionless, but those close to you know that you’re full of feeling. Underneath the steely exterior is a lovebug who appreciates fun as much as anyone, and you even have a mischievous side perfect for pranks when you allow your sharp humor to show. You’re a Devon Rex.

The Devon Rex is a thinker whose brain is always humming, so a household with plenty of thoughtful toys and a social environment is an ideal home, but don’t expect this cat to tell you everything he’s thinking. The Devon Rex is likely to be present for most activity, always monitoring and assessing, but, though it’s a communicative breed, conversation is reserved for the right ears at the right time. The short, wavy coat of the Devon Rex may appear rougher than many would hope from a cat but, as with other Capricorns, those wise enough to approach will find it soft and comforting. The Devon Rex is notoriously mischievous, and famous for perching above everyone else, except when it leaps down to stand on the shoulders of others (literally).


2) Aquarius: Scottish Fold


Convention is your nemesis. You want to change the world and often turn to artistic expression as a first step, refusing to bow to the status quo or be placed in any pre-labeled box. You’re an individual, but that doesn’t mean you’re solitary. Finding like-minded groups of revolutionaries helps you flourish as you seek to improve the lot of everyone you encounter because you’re a humanitarian of the highest order. You’re a Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Fold is not your typical cat, and that’s evident from first glance. The breed’s name comes from this kitty’s attention-grabbing folded ears, but they’re hardly the only quirk in this cat’s appearance. While they may be biologically “normal” otherwise, the Scottish Fold can often be found in the most unusual positions, including standing on its hind legs or squatting somewhat less elegantly than you might expect. No one cramps the style of the Scottish Fold’s artistic expression. As Aquarian as ever, expect this cat to shadow its humans incessantly; there’s nothing the Scottish Fold wants more than human affection, and it’ll go to great lengths to get it.


1) Pisces: American Bobtail

You’re the most adaptable of all your friends, easily fitting in with any crowd and finding your foothold in any environments. Your emotional intelligence is off the charts so you’re the friend everyone turns to whether you have the time or energy for their current issues or not. Your intuition is invaluable, but you have a tendency to get lost playing in the fantasy land of possibilities and what-ifs when you’re not careful. You’re an American Bobtail.

The American Bobtail is everybody’s trusted friend. Personable to the max, this cat is a lover who wants to make its human family smile, and usually knows how to succeed. There’s something a little off about the American Bobtail, though, setting it apart from breeds that are far more stereotypically “cat,” and it’s not just the adorably stubby tail and tufted ears, or even the preference of chirping to meowing. While almost all cats are territorial to a fault, the American Bobtail is remarkably adaptable and will calmly go just about anywhere the current flows, as if the physical world doesn’t really matter.



im a taurus and my cosin is phsecies

Mirha November 24, 2022

I’m a Gemini. I have a Siamese anxiously waiting for his Mau Tree !!!

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Spot on ! This Capricorn’s little bossy lady is a Devon Rex! Miss. Lucy Lu.

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