Why cat trees are great for cats…and humans too.

Cat trees.

Cats love them.

They’re like mini-jungle gyms in the comfort of your own home.

They allow cats to use their kitty instincts and get their kitty ya-yas out. Tall perches allow cats to feel safe and use their climbing skills, little cubby holes give them a place to hide when they need it, and scratching posts and other adornments help them keep their nails trim and their minds sharp. Cat trees are also great for multi-cat homes, as they give cats their personal space and establish hierarchy.

But did you know cat trees are great for humans too? Cat trees allow cats and humans to live in harmony. Here’s how:


Cat trees make great décor:

You might be rolling your eyes, but hear us out. Gone are the days of outdated carpet-based cat trees. Now you can buy a variety of stylish cat trees that look great in any living room or bedroom. Take for example the Alba. This cat mansion looks gorgeous just about anywhere due to its lavish white napping beds set against striking light brown tree branches. If Kitty Crate & Barrel existed, the Cento would be in the catalogue. Your cat will love its comfy texture and posh layout.


Cat trees improve behavior, which is great for cat parents:

Cat trees are beneficial for cat behavior in a variety of ways. First, they help multi-cat households maintain pecking order. The cat most in charge gets the top perch. This establishes a hierarchy so the cats know their place. Cat trees also prevent your cat from getting bored. Bored is the root of many destructive behaviors. Trees offer a variety of stimulation and ways for indoor cats to exercise their outdoor cat instincts.


Cat trees prevent furniture from getting damaged:

Cats LOVE human furniture. They see a nice, big, cozy couch and they just want to sink their claws right in. This can be very challenging for humans who like their furniture and don’t want their sofas to look like they’ve gone through a shredder. Cat trees with scratching posts are a great way to divert cats’ interest in human furniture—now they have furniture of their very own! After purchasing your Animmo cat tree, place the cat tree near the furniture your cat likes to claw. Maybe sprinkle a little catnip on the new tree as well. That way your kitty will know that this is their new clawing spot.

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Where can I get one ! It says unavailable onChewy And home depot

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