Can I change my branch attachments?

All our branch attachments are interchangeable, except for the lower perch of the Uni. You can purchase any of our branch attachments under ‘Shop’ --> ‘Parts & Upgrades’.

Why hasn’t my order shipped?

We ship all in stock orders within 24 business hours of receipt so if it’s been longer, chances are that your product is on backorder. If a product is on backorder, the shipping date is shown in the product description highlighted in yellow.

Please note that the backorder date reflected is for new orders, so if it’s been some time since you placed your order, it’s possible that the date shown has changed since then.

Are the branches real wood? Are there any chemicals in my product?

All of our branches are real wood and are made from fruit trees that no longer bear fruit. As with most imported wooden products, they are heat treated and fumigated which is required for import.

My branch has a crack in it. Is that normal?

The cracks are completely normal and safe for your kitties! It happens from drying out the wood and drilling a hole on the top and bottom. There is nothing to worry about and in our opinion, adds to the natural look of the product!

My pet doesn’t like the product. What now?

If it’s been some time and your pet hasn’t come around to using the product, please let us know so we can work with you to extend the return window.

Please note that it can take 3-4 weeks for your cat to start using a new product. We recommend using catnip and trying to lure your kitty on or near the product with their favorite toy or laundry (and giving cozy head scratches when they comfortably on it)! Just don’t try to force them to use it if they aren’t liking it at first - they need time to adjust