Modern Cat Furniture
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Irresistible Comfort

For Lovers Of Cats & Decor

We’re cat lovers, just like you. We know how it feels to purchase hideous products that you or your furriend don't end up liking... it happens way too often. That’s why our modern cat furniture is made of the highest quality materials and professionally designed to satisfy your kitty and look like art in your home.

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Luxury Cat Furniture:
Trees, Beds, and Caves



Our Mission

Providing top quality products that are professionally designed to look incredible in your home and make your cat(s) happy.

Our pets aren't just animals—they’re family members—and that’s why we ensure all of our products are human-grade and beyond comfortable.

Commitment To Social Good

• 5% of all proceeds go toward supporting animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations.

• A tree is planted in exchange for any purchase that involves wood.

• We cover 50% of the cost for product donations made to shelters.

• The wood for our naturally shaped cat trees are sustainably sourced from trees that no longer bear fruit.

Luxury Cat Beds, Luxury Cat Trees & More

Our variety of luxury cat trees, beds, and caves provide more than just great looks. Made with materials that are guaranteed to last a long time and provide ultimate comfort, our designer cat furniture is extremely easy to wash and maintain. With our 100%, catisfaction guarantee, we ensure you & your kitty will be delighted!